What is the difference between MORIMOTO MINI H1 7.0 and ACME SUPER H1 HID Projector

Super common question what is the difference between Morimoto’s mini h1 7.0 and something less expensive like the comparable Acme super or standard h1 bi-xenon projector. At their heart both of them have a 2.5 inch lens are quite compact throughout and have a threaded mounting shaft on the back which makes for quite convenient insulation.

But the difference pretty much ends there because in terms of performance the h1 7.0 is going to far outshine, the Acne super or standard both in terms of actual intensity the width of the beam.  The sharpness of the beam and the performance of the high beam as well and the overall build quality and the construction of the mini h1 7.0 by Morimoto is also far superior.

It uses a fairly inexpensive stamped cutoff shield and a solenoid that pulls it down with this spring to retract it. The Morimoto uses a much more advanced and higher quality side push-pull solenoid on the bottom much like the higher-end projector.

In either case, you can use the Morimoto holders which are compatible with all versions of the h1 hid projectors whether from Morimoto or Acme. And because of the fact that both of them still come standard with the same old school old holders that use a metal clip to hold the bulb in place.

This will bean upgrade for you in any case to help ensure that the bulb is held tighter and more precisely which is important to produce the best light output with the most on point hotspot.

We’ll go ahead and light both of these projectors up for you let you draw your own comparison on what you think looks better. We know what our choice is but you know certainly there is something to be said for the price point on these. Because it is about a third of these having said that if you do want the best of the best and you’re willing to plunk down about 120 bucks to get them the Morimoto is definitely the king of the hill when it comes to small h1 based by Zenon project.

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