V+ A Series Led Headlight Review | H4 Led vs. Halogen

Today we got a new product here V+ LED headlight, this one is the V Plus A series. So we’re going to test it we got the logo instructions on the package. Please keep in mind that we have different types of LED lights, and clearly stated on the product packages. So this type with a check mark here, it’s the one inside the box, so you can see the check mark here. 

We can see the items inside and instruction and two H4 LED light bulbs.

Let’s take a look at the LED light bulb, we can see that as a bulb with excellent make each lamp has two lights at and each with two light emitting diodes on it. They were made of Korea CSP chips.

Under the immediate diodes, there is a rotatable aluminum deck which is for easy installation and changes of lighting positions designed to be rotated 360 degrees so that we can easily rotate to the right position.

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And then use a small wrench to tighten the screws below to make sure that is stable

Let’s connect to the power and do some testing let’s connect it and switch on

We can see that the brightness can reach up to 4200 lumens, this product does not need a ballast. You can turn it on real quick and easy without any waiting time.

The H4 LED headlights is also waterproof up to ip68 waterproof level. Even if the light is soaked into the water, it can still work. Even if we try to switch on and off, the plus a headlight has many advantages comparing to the traditional halogen and HID lights. Fast and easy switch on no waiting time. Low power consumption and outstanding heat sinks, they also has superior waterproof ability up to ip68 level.

Now let’s compare the brightness between V plus 8Stevie’s LED headlight and traditional halogen light. So you can see that our halogen lights started from a much lower and obviously is less bright.

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