Reviews: VLEDS LED Bulbs Installed on Ford F150 Reverse Light and Cargo Lights

My philosophy is usually that in case you are upgrading your lights to LEDs that the brake light and turn signal lights should stay at a comparable brightness because the stock bulbs, however the backup lights, cargo lights, headlights and fog lights should all be as brilliant as possible possibly find (while retaining the stock source of light location therefore the reflector housings remain properly utilized without glare).

I decided to test out the backup and cargo lights before trying the more costly headlights and fogs.

We were somewhat skeptical about LEDs because if you ask me they’ve been dimmer than I expected, a dissappointment always. But, these experienced a higher lumens value and so are advertised to place the light in to the right area in the reflector bowls.

Have a look and observe on your own how things proved.

Stock cargo light:

LED Cargo Light:

Stock reverse light:

LED reverse light:

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