Opt7 Led Car Headlight Bulb Will Cause Radio Interference on 2012 Dodge Ram.

I simply installed the H11 FluxBeam-X Led car headlight bulb about my 2012 Ram. Maybe I could help out.

Did your bulbs include both of these?

– The LED Drivers

That’s interesting because many users on here stated that they set up the FluxBeam X lights and they certainly did NOT easily fit into the high beam housing.

Having said that, my truck was included with Duals from the factory. When I swapped over the Quads, I dont obtain the function of the reduced beam remaining on when I start the high beam. Something about Indicators from the trucks TIPM or something about adding a sales code. It certainly doesn’t bother me because these low beam led lights are so damn shiny when I submit my Halogen high beams it generally does not even look like I’ve any headlights on lol.

If I place the opt7 FluxBeam-X lights into my high beam place, when I start my high beams it’ll look the same as my low beams therefore i saw no indicate spend a supplementary $110 on high beam bulbs.

For flipping the polarity We were trying to describe it to some other member on these discussion boards and I finished up drawing up an instant image with my cell phones paint program. Right now don’t make fun of me for how awful it really is, I was using my finger on an impression screen to attempt to draw right lines lol…


^^^^ Those will be the Capacitors. Spot the one end gets the #1 Tag. The other end does not have any tag and that end would go to your truck.

If you consider the above picture, the white arrow may be the normal method to attach the adapters. research the end that would go to your pickup truck you will observe it offers notches on both sides (see arrows). These small notches are what locks the plugs together. On the one part, the notch is usually closest to the plugs starting (white arrow). The additional aspect of the plug, the notch is definitely closest to the plugs wiring (Crimson arrow)

This is exactly what “reversing/flipping the polarity can do:

So flipping the polarity will reverse the energy and ground wires. Your problem appears like a bad floor. I’m guessing that among your Adapters can be backwards or all are. Be sure you hook every one of them up with the same notch facing up. After that try flipping every one of them and that means you use the various other notch facing up.

Let me know if you want any longer help with this or if the problem still persists following this. I’ve the FluxBeam-X in my own low beams and also have no light bulb out warnings, no flickering no issues. The fans are very quiet too.

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