How to Install LED Headlights in Your Car

Today I’m going to show you how you can install LED headlamps in your car. Now a while back they started putting LED headlights on top and cars, but when they broke you had to buy whole assemblies.

The LED headlights are brighter and actually use less energy than conventional headlights. And they’re really easy to install.

1, Here’s the original halogen bulb, twist it to the side and it comes right out,

2, Then unplug it and plug the new one back in,

3, Goes back into the hall, snaps in, turn it until it blocks,

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4, This is a new LED bulb installation, it’s much brighter,

5, It is the same do the other side too and snap it into the hole and twisted it until it locks,

6, LEDs have a tendency of sometimes getting hot when are this bright, it’s got cooling fins and there’s a built-in fan when turn it on, a little fan runs to suck the air through to cool it down.

7, It’s nice and brighter, but of course, the real test is the night time. we can see how bright they are when they’re turned on.

And here’s the conventional halogens that it came with the factory ones you can tell the difference.

Now you know how to install LED headlights on your car if one brighter headlight that actually uses less energy.

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