Hikari Philips Lumileds and Zdatt LED Headlight Review – Unboxing Madness 5 of 9

One of my vehicles it has some old-school incandescent bulbs and I kind of like the look of the newer HIDs or the LEDs just because they’re brighter. They have that cool neutral white tent instead of that yellowish tint.

I tried them out, I’ve tried a few different ones and I really like the way that these look the beam pattern is good. They work really well, they’re super bright and I made sure to aim them so I’m not blinding people all that very good. I have two two sets, two different sets. One is Hikari Philips Lumileds, another is Zdatt LED.

The crazy thing is the Zdatt LED looks almost exactly like the Hikari. I’m gonna install these and see if these actually perform like the Hikari’s. Because these were a lot less expensive. l want to say somewhere in the price range of like under $30 where as the Hikari were 89 bucks granted. These LED lights are pretty cool, if you don’t get good lights. Sometimes the beam pattern is really off and you tend to be one of those people that blinds people.

We’ll have to see how this goes they can perform like the Hikari. Hikari seem to have slightly warmer color temperature, and a more controlled beam pattern. Maybe you’ll be able to save yourself some money.

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