Ebay Car Headlight LED Bulbs on Honda Civic

I’m planning to try out these cheap LED headlights from Ebay.

I like this LED headlight kit because it got an overlay to change 3 different colors.

It says 2 years warranty on the site but i don’t trust it… is eBay, what do you expect…lol. All I hope is it wont burn and get my car explode… By the way, I got it install and it looks awesome.

left – LED
right – OEM halogen

pretty match the LED DRL

left – LED
right – LED with the overlay included

this is like some sort of lime yellow

They provide a glass tube that is a yellow tint overlay on it. Just put the tube on and it change color.


Having it for about 1.5 week. the output is not as bright as what i expected even is 3600LM per bulb. I also like the cooler color temp just to match my yellow fogs…lol

Here are some updates from my Ebay LED headlight output

streets in car view

driveway door in car view

cutoff line on my house wall

white head yellow fog









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