2009-Now Gen 4 Ford F150 Upgraded 4x4Truck led bulbs for cars headlights Review

First, a little bit on the subject of myself. I was quite a long time member at another f150 forum which has since converted into a ghost town.

I met 4x4TruckLED bulbs for cars headlights more than there and battled him for per month as I was 100% against PnP led headlight.

I’m not likely to be the man that just says “they are awesome” and articles a single pic.

I’ll allow photos speak and can keep this brief. I examined these against Sylvania zxe halogen lights. Photos were used with my iPhone 6S. There are several damp places on the highway in several the comparison pictures. There is nothing doctored in anyhow and there are no filters put on the photos.

So far, I love them. I cannot speak on longevity, but I love the result and the color temp. I’m not obtaining glare and that was my priority. Oh, and although I bickered backward and forwards with 4x4truckleds and just about informed him his leds had been junk, he was still a good guy and offered me the opportunity to try to also review these.

For the pictures now.

The dipped beam led has a shield to greatly help with the cut-off line.

These LEDs are flexible. If you don’t position them correctly, you’ll get the dreaded glare everybody knows so well.

However, if you correctly install, there will forget about glare when compared to a halogen produces.

Here’s a wall structure shot evaluating the halogen with the led. The cutoff is approximately equal.

Halogen low beam

Led low beam

Halogen high beam

Led high beam

Led low beam 40 feet from wall

Led low beam 40 feet from a wall with incandescent light showing color temp difference

High beams

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