2007 Honda Accord SE Install LED Headlight Bulbs

Recently, this LED headlight looks popular all over the world. I can think it is at the top rank of Canada Amazon, Japan Amazon, and German Amazon, THEREFORE I decided to try out this on my Honda Accord and observe if this led alternative headlight bulbs is actually good just like the poster.

The LEDs appear beautiful and the construction feels extremely premium, I like ways to use a hex screwdriver to twist the actual Light bulb section to regulate your beam spread but luckily with my “correct” secure position the spread was fine. I’ve reflector housings rather than projector lights but I haven’t been high beamed or signaled by anyone, as the beam passes on appears to be quite best for my car.

This would have an increased score if not for a fairly big issue with the fitting. I verified that this may be the correct light bulb size(9006) for my 2007 Honda Accord SE, however, the fitment ring barely fits since it is extremely loose to the idea that they can probably move while traveling altering the beam pass on. I haven’t experienced the misfortune of the light bulb completely falling out in clumps of the casing but it’s loose to the idea that I wouldn’t become surprised if it do. When put next them to my Sylverstars ZXE Halogens, the ring’s 3 tabs appear to be too brief(about half the space) allowing the LED light bulb to just barely stick to. At the moment I am jury rigging a remedy with some electric tape off only 1 part of the heatsink to keep carefully the bulbs set up but it’s not a stylish nor great answer. I’m uncertain if this is actually the case for all vehicles but I’m not at all the just person afflicted so expect the best together with your model.

Updated with pictures!

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